Why Wear A Face Mask

Posted On: August 11, 2020
Why Wear A Face Mask

The UK government and the World Health Organization says that you should wear a face mask. It’s compulsory to wear a mask if you visit shops and more in the UK and a growing majority of countries. So why are there mixed messages about wearing masks?

They help prevent the spread of some germs from person to person, that is a fact otherwise doctors, nurses and surgeons would never have been wearing them while operating. However, it is not just about you; People wear them to keep each other safe and healthy. Underneath a mask, I wear a smile. My mask helps me take care of you or your family and friends.

We wear masks because we care about you too. Think of your mask like a superhero cape. It helps you save others from getting sick by protecting them from the spread of some germs, and viruses.

Remember this is not unique; animals protect themselves too, like a porcupine with its sharp quills or a turtle with its hard shell. When you wear your mask, make sure it covers both your mouth and nose once your mask is on try not to touch it with your hands too often. Remember, masks are here to help us. If we all wear them, we can stay safe and healthy, be a masked hero.

What are the pros and cons of wearing a mask? A concern behind wearing a face mask is it could give you a false sense of security, and I think people should realise that keeping social distancing as much as possible is the best defence and if you can not then avoid those crowded areas.

Another problem is people do not know how to wear a face mask. The WHL provides a beneficial tutorial on how to wear the Face mask correctly.

Most importantly, you must realise that just because you are wearing a face mask, it does not stop you getting or spreading COVID19, distancing and regular hand-washing are more effective and essential in halting the spread of the disease.

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