Wesley-baker-watermanWesley’s adventurous lifestyle has helped him to support his business success. His lifelong love of surfing and water-sports not only helped inform his knowledge of the travel industry, but also molds his positive outlook on life.

He began the love of surfing in 1975 on a beach in the south west of England and has been an active water-man ever since. In addition to being a skilled long-boarder, Wesley was an early adopter of stand up paddle-boarding having first experienced paddling a large long-board surfboard in the 1980’s and also was instrumental in developing the directional kite surf board where his designs were used in a number of large wave locations worldwide where the sport had never been seen.

He actively participates in other water-sports and board sports as well, giving him a wide range of knowledge of adventure sports and a keen understanding of the lifestyle. Whether it’s catching a wave, challenging a river or simply enjoying a day on the lake, his lifelong enjoyment of adventure sports gives him a unique perspective that reflects the spirit of the water.

When asked about his surfing standard and style his answer is very simple “I just surf, I’m not great but love it and always have, I prefer small waves now but I love to glide the wave like a pelican and adore stylish long-board surfing, the waves have traveled hundreds and often thousands of miles and they need to be treated with grace and an artful style of appreciation not shredded to bits like those short board surfers do“!

You can visit Wesley’s personal surfing website by clicking: Life With Wesley

Wesley broadcast “Live” the South East Surf Report every Saturday and Sunday at 8:00 am for 18 years on BBC Radio Kent, TLR, and CTFM radio stations – this was the longest running surf report on the radio in Europe until he stopped some years ago. He also was a writer for Surf Magazine (UK), Surf Scene (UK), Xelements (UK), Wavelength (UK), Surf Europe (EU), Surfing (US), and Surfer (US).

He has organised and run four major surfing events in the south east of England, called the South East Surf Championships that were all held at Camber Sands, East Sussex with between 50 to 120 competitors.