wesley-baker-biographyWesley Baker has built a consequential career focused on strengthening value, expanding opportunity and creating benefit within the business environment. Wesley is also an avid Longboard Surfer, Paddle boarder, Pioneer, Surfing Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Travel, Golfer and Outdoors enthusiast.

Wesley has Christian values and believes in giving and supporting all those that are in need of such. He has experienced many moments where he has questioned his faith and also where his faith has been at the forefront of his beliefs. He has found comfort on a regular basis visiting Canterbury Cathedral where he can sit peacefully and reflect.

He got his start in 1986 at Thomson Corporation, where he was first introduced to the challenges and possibilities of business and industry through his roles and over his career he has worked in many roles up to Director and CEO.

Wesley has successfully launched and managed a number of high profile start-up businesses and has successfully raised money for these through both private and public financing. He is also a fully qualified in business, tourism and computer lecturing and offers his services on occasion to educational and business establishments.

Wesley is the proud parent of a son and a daughter. He’s a renowned water-man, starting surfing at the age of five, and he continues to regularly participate in a variety of sports and activities, including surfing, paddle-boarding, golfing and walking. He also enjoys history, travel, culture and politics.