Personal History

wesley-baker-personal-historyBehind a drive for personal growth and a spirit of adventure, Wesley Baker has built a consequential career focused on strengthening value, expanding opportunity and creating benefit.

Wesley Baker began his journey in London, where he earned certifications from a city business college on day release from a major Thomson Holidays in business, marketing, contracting and operations proficiency. From the outset of his career, Wesley sought opportunities in international marketplaces, inspired by the example set by Victor Kiam of Remington Products, well known in Britain through his frequent appearances on TV talk shows.

He got his start in mid 1980’s at Thomson Holidays, where he was first introduced to the challenges and possibilities of the tourism industry and business in general through his many promotions and senior roles, focusing on the European, North American and Caribbean market. From there, he’s worked in many roles in the tourism and travel industry, including overseas and has made it to the top of the ladder as Chief Executive Officer and owner of a number of travel package and airline companies.

For the Ulusoy Corporation in 1992/93, Wesley took the position as a chief executive, giving him his first experience of leading a business in the international marketplace. It’s an opportunity he’d have again in 1996 when he applied a decade of experience in the tourism industry to his role as chief executive for his own specialist package travel company in the United Kingdom and Worldwide markets, where he arranged adventurous vacations for thrill-seeking tourists – this included being market leader within surf travel worldwide.

Wesley applied his expanding leadership experience to a new travel projects, that he continue to found and sought to grow his business experience by taking new challenges in other industries.

He undertook the demanding charge of raising capital for Pure Galactic, an innovative aerospace firm working on space exploration technology. He branched into software, technology and business development at Scott Calvin Technologies, which created online management solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses and specialized in tourism software development.

With Ancon Technologies, Wesley took a leadership role in a company promoting a groundbreaking technology that has been expanded to create cutting-edge medical and security solutions. While promoting the technology as the company’s commercial director, he also had the vision to expand the applications of the technology into the medical device sector, and launched a sister company, Ancon Medical Inc.

To grow the new company, Wesley expanded Ancon Medical’s headquarters to Minnesota, where it became part of that state’s powerful medical sector. The company became an active member of the Medical Alley Association, an industry trade association where Wesley has expanded his knowledge of the industry while building a network of executives and professionals.

Throughout his career, Wesley’s faced his share of both successes and challenges, and it’s through these varied experiences that he’s built a foundation of knowledge that informs his decisions and ideas.

Wesley is the proud parent of a teenage son and a daughter. He’s a renowned water man, starting surfing at a young age, and he continues to regularly participate in a variety of sports and activities, including stand up paddle-boarding, golfing and walking. He also enjoys history, travel, culture and politics.