Screening and Detection of Disease by Breath

Posted On: October 18, 2017
Ancon Medical Breath Screening Device
Ancon Medical Breath Screening Device

Diagnosis and tracing down the cause and the very fact of what the disease is can be quite time-consuming. Even in today’s modern world where medicines and medical technology is finding new prospects and goals to achieve every single day, it is still impossible for many diseases to be tracked down before they make a severe impact on the body at the time when the disease has fully dominated the cells. At times like these, it becomes evident and possible that there may not be a way back out of this disease. Perhaps the stage where the disease becomes fatal has surpassed, and there may not be any cure at all.

But all this comes down to one single phenomenon which was discussed earlier: the diagnosis. The diagnosis if traced on time could easily help suppress the progress of the disease and even cure the disease before it can find its roots in the body. All these remarkable ideas and suggestions require a revolutionary solution which would lead to a functional device or procedure that could help validate a perfect diagnosis; it could help trace the roots of the disease and alarm the doctor and the patient before being exposed to fatal circumstances. For such an extraordinary cause, there must be a remarkable way, and that is where Non-Invasive Breathing Detection comes in the picture.

To put it in the easiest way possible, the way our breathing system works is not ensuring not only our metabolism and oxygen into our lungs but is also carrying traces of the insides of our body. Whatever the functions are going inside our body they can be detected through our breath as the device unfolds a lot of information going inside us, revealing the possible and potential diseases present inside our body. Ancon Medical Inc, the leading producer of medical innovations in the market, is more than proud and honoured to have introduced Nanoparticle Biomarker Tagging (NBT). According to Ancon Medical Inc, Nanoparticle Biomarker Tagging is one of the revolutionary innovations of the modern age very similar to MRI and X-Ray when they were introduced in the medical fields. To put it in the most straightforward possible words, NBT allows diagnosis at an early stage by analyzing the breath of the patient.

Through NBT, the potential and the hazardous biomarkers of any disease are traced and located. A biomarker is an indication of a particular compound present in a body. Before the innovation of NBT and the rise of such a revolutionary product in the market, it was ravishingly expensive to detect and go down to such a level using Spectrometers or Chromatography. With NBT, not only it is quite affordable but is also accurate and guarantees a better outcome of the results than its prior technologies regarding particle analysis. NBT can be explained in a simple in the following steps:

  • The suspected element which is to be analyzed and diagnosed is grasped. This is proceeded by a readily detectable object.
  • The element once captured is amplified and its size is multiplied to analyze the concerned element fully.
  • The concerned element, the tagged molecule, to be exact, is dealt with LASER and is picked an counted via the optical counter.

Ancon Medical Inc promises to bring a revolution in the field of health and medical technology. This is quite an extraordinary event in the field of health technology as with the help of NBT; medical experts can easily spot the potential of any disease forming inside the body. Lung cancer and its diagnosis have never been so much easier and convenient than it was before. With the help of NBT, the air that flows through the lungs, in and out of the body is captured and a very minute part of it is sampled with the help of NBT. Because cancer to be diagnosed is related to the lungs. Therefore, the air blowing in and out will be carrying compounds that can trace to cancer and its compounds.

It should also be commented on account of the fact that it is due to such innovations and technologies that the early diagnosis of any disease can be easily countered and before reaching a fatal stage. Ancon Medical Inc believes in giving the technological advancements in its fullest form and in the most affordable way possible. It is due to Nanoparticle Biomarkers Tagging that instead of relying on laboratory procedures and analysis of particles on tremendous costs, NBT fulfils the purpose in an affordable cost for everyone.

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