Alligators are found living in Seasalter Marshes

Posted On: April 1, 2017
Whitstable Allegator
Whitstable Alligator

The Environment Agency today have found out what was killing all the local wildlife and fish in the sealsalter marshes. This follows a spray of lambs going missing through the spring. Today it was announced that three Allegators have been spotted in seasalter marshes. Local farmer John Smith saw something unusual on Friday morning and called the environment agency. To the horror of local investigators, they discovered that at least three alligators are resident and mature in the sealsalter marshes.

Kent police have been called to the areas to investigate as there are some missing individuals in the area during the past few years and they are opening an enquiry into if it is plausible the creatures had been involved.

Howletts Zoo, London Zoo and Wingham Wildlife Park have been asked to assist the environment agency and Kent police in capturing the reptiles however it is not known if they have had young. The fear is that it is possible hundreds of alligators may exist and not just the three seen. Apparently, each alligator can lay up to 90 eggs, and this occurs between June to July.

It is believed that the alligators could have been released by a collector some years ago and have adapted to the cooler climate and with relatively mild winters would have managed to change quickly in the marshes with very little disturbance.

The Environment Agency have also contacted Floridian experts in the United States about how the best way to treat this matter. In the meantime, it is requested that all locals remain away from the area until it is deemed safe.

Farmer John Smith has said if they are here to stay then that is fine by him, he will get into a sideline business now Brexit is in place and in effect start making handbags, and other things from the skin. Smith said “well they do it in Florida, I will just become a sheep and alligator farmer from now on then…” other residences were not so keen. Julie Smith of Seasalter Cross Road said she was terrified that her cat could be eaten.

Local businessman Wesley Baker, however, had this to say “April Fool”…

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