Wesley Baker is an experienced business leader, Founder and CEO with a diverse perspective and a proven ability to drive organizations forward across the globe. Wesley possesses the kind of leadership that can only be gained through a varied and dedicated career, developing the vision to see ideas and the abilities to execute them. He has kind values and believes in giving and supporting all those that are in need of such.

He’s built businesses from the ground up, turned around struggling organizations and ambitious market expansion. More importantly, Wesley knows how to communicate the important ideas and information, developing a reputation as a knowledgeable speaker, consultant, and writer with television, radio and print media experience.

From launching new products to raising capital to market services to crisis management, Wesley has been involved in virtually all aspects of business operations. He’s held executive roles in a range of industries, including tourism, medical devices, security technology, and aerospace, and worked in firms of all sizes across the world, from start-ups to publicly-traded companies.

But no matter the size or the industry, Wesley always has made technology a priority, utilizing it through all sectors of an organization. He believes we should not shy away from the opportunity of new technology but we should be aware of its implications both good and bad.

Wesley’s diverse range of experience enabled him to develop a unique perspective on business leadership, through success and adversity. Learn more about Wesley’s history, his business philosophy and how to capitalize on opportunities.

Wesley is a Surfer and Waterman of over 40 years and this shapes who he is. He loves to travel, enjoys culture, history and has a real love of technology and Politics too.

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August 31, 2020

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