Why Marketing Works!

Posted On: August 11, 2020
Why Marketing Works

When it comes to starting building and growing a wildly profitable, fun, helpful and valued business, nothing is more important than marketing. I know that’s a bold statement, but it’s. The truth, marketing is the single most crucial element in business, anyone who thinks otherwise is incorrect.

Success and a solid strategy should always form the foundation of any marketing campaign tactic or idea. The reason modern marketing is so important is that it doesn’t matter how good your product or service is.
If nobody knows you exist, and that’s why? In this article, I am talking all about the importance of marketing and the three biggest reasons some businesses mistakenly avoid it.

So why do so many businesses, neglect, ignore or completely write-off marketing as a waste of time and money? Well, the reason this absolutely terrible business decision usually comes down to mistakenly believing one of three things:

1: It’s too expensive to do it.
2: Doesn’t work.
3: It’s too complicated.

So let’s cover these three myths right now, so we can solve this problem once and for all. Bad marketing is an expense. Good marketing is an investment that pays you back with a high return on investment.

Increased market share, improve brand perception and better and happier customers. Many online advertising options are also currently 99 per cent cheaper than traditional methods like TV and allow you to reach the same number of people or even more and many forms of marketing are even less expensive than that or often free.

The beauty is that you get to decide which resource you have more to invest either time or money. If you’re, a new bootstrap startup, you can choose less expensive marketing options and want to spend more of your own time, making them work.

If you’re an established company with consistent incoming revenue, then you can choose to invest more money in your marketing and save yourself. The time effectiveness should always take precedence over price.

Doesn’t work? Poorly planned marketing doesn’t work! Marketing without a strategy or system; doesn’t work! Just throwing some money out there and seeing what works is not marketing.

Good marketing works, and it works well. Good marketing connects business to customers and customers to business. The question does everyone who could buy from you know you exist because if they don’t you need marketing and if they do know you exist and still aren’t buying then you need better marketing at the end of the day.

It’s, not marketing that doesn’t work, that’s like saying accounting, doesn’t work, but rather the individual tactics or tools that didn’t deliver the results you were hoping. The key to avoiding this is to create winning marketing campaigns by focusing on strategy first and tactics. Second, like most things, marketing can be made to seem overly complicated.

The reality is that a strategic and straightforward plan perform consistently over time will deliver incredible results, simple can work, but the key is in those two crucial words: strategic and consistent.

A strategic and straightforward plan executed regularly will beat a poorly planned or inconsistently executed strategy all day every day, marketing is a 24/7 and 365 days exercise not one you switch on and off at will. You should never stop doing marketing to save costs; you should look at these costs as the most crucial elements of the business.

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