Why Is Video Marketing Crucial For Travel and Tourism Companies

Posted On: March 11, 2018
Video Marketing Captures the Travel and Tourism Experience!

The video-revolution is on and, if you are the proud owner of a travel and tourism company, you need to become a part of it. Why? For one, 63% of businesses have already started to use video marketing and you don’t want to be left behind. While a picture is worth a thousand words, a video can tell the entire story. And stories matter for travelers!

The video marketing age is progressing with the speed of light and it would be a shame not to take advantage of this extraordinary promotion tool for your business. 78 percent of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video by 2021, and your company will benefit tremendously from this global movement. You just need to learn how to master the art of video marketing.

YouTube alone has more than one billion users and is the second largest search engine in the world. This definitely means something. It means that people watch millions and millions of hours of YouTube videos and your business deserves a piece from this massive audience. Especially, since 79% of YouTube users are watching travel videos to help them decide what to visit, where to book accommodation and the type of activities they will do when they get there.

1. Video marketing makes an impact

Yes, words still matter, but videos are impactful. Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research actually managed to quantify the impact of a video in words, and his conclusion was that one minute of video has the same impact as…1.8 million words. That’s a lot of saved ink! It’s only natural for tourism videos to have an impact on viewers – they reveal experiences and emotions. And this is exactly what you are selling. Tourists are always searching for experiences. New corners of the world wrapped in new feelings. Video marketing allows you to sell your packages by bringing them to life. Make sure your films are short though, and by short I mean less than one minute. You want to capture their attention and let them wanting for more – this is when viewers become customers.

2. Video marketing is affordable

You don’t need a movie crew to shoot a travel video. A smartphone and a tripod, maybe a drone, and you’re all set. With all the apps available on the market, you won’t have any problem editing and producing your video. Video marketing is accessible to all travel and tourism companies, regardless of their size and capital. Just give it a try! Your customers expect this from you. They already know so many other companies that are using video marketing as a promotion strategy. Don’t disappoint them! Make sure all your videos are mobile friendly and interesting enough to be liked, shared and talked about. Social networks are free to join. Your end goal? Becoming viral!

3. Video marketing is profitable

You can rely on video marketing to increase conversions and boost your sales. It’s enough to add a video on your landing page, and you’ll see an increase in conversion by 80%. Use videos for your products to inform your viewers and present the products, and you can expect a significant boost in sales. Why? People nowadays don’t have time to read pages and pages of details. They are on the run, mostly on their mobile devices. Planning a holiday is definitely not a top priority because it’s not bringing them money. So, use short videos to convince them to buy your products and make sure you include all the essential details. Also, Google loves videos because viewers will spend more time on your website. Once this happens, Google will know that your website has good content and reward you with a higher rank. Just remember to optimize your video for search engines with the right titles and descriptions, as well as links to your products and services. Your website will definitely benefit from your video marketing strategy and this means more profit for your business.

Take video marketing further!

Experience with video marketing. We’re talking about travelers and tourists! They want to see new things! They want to be surprised and in awe. Make your videos useful. Turn them into captivating travel guides and go wild with 360-degree videos that allow them to capture everything from a glance. Reinvent your travel packages and offers by making them a part of a memorable exploration journey. And let your videos be the starting point! Capture their interest with short, but useful and inspiring videos. Use them as the business cards of the destinations you’re promoting.

Video marketing allows your company to reach the target audience in a friendly and interesting manner. It allows you to interact with your potential customers and communicate. Video marketing is a fun way to prove that your travel company is serious about customer satisfaction!


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