The Commonwealth

Posted On: April 5, 2018
The Flag of the Commonwealth

Right from an early age during high school as I sat in the classroom learning business in commerce studies, I remember thinking of what an opportunity presents itself within the Commonwealth of countries. Not unlike the European Union (formerly EEC), I can see the true benefits of 52 nation countries working closely.

Most people think of the commonwealth as either former British Empire or simply of a link of countries connected by the royalty of Her Majesty or perhaps the Commonwealth games itself. I believe it should be far more than this.

Economically it could offer its large population an opportunity to create free trade agreements that would see tremendous growth, it could work hard to develop business and cultural inter-relations that benefit all the countries as one unit and not as individuals.

The main purpose could be to ensure that the Commonwealth does spread the wealth of its nations round its membership and that the overall structure of the institution could without any question offer amazing opportunities for every single member.

So what needs to change? Its branding needs to be re-done, a passion from every leader to show the desire to find a positive future and more important than this a strict and very positive policy to help one-another no matter what the issues and to grow unity.

Is it possible that this could happen? Well, I see no reason or rationale why it would not it comes down to the hunger by world leaders to look at the commonwealth through new eyes and not through old colonial thoughts.

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