LinkedIn is making a Seismic Shift

Posted On: November 18, 2017
LinkedIn is making a Seismic Shift
LinkedIn is making a Seismic Shift

Social media has got its impact around the world, and there is no denying that it is here to stay for a long time. What can be said about future in the most idealistic perspective can seem to trigger into reality and thus being a thing of the future. Whereas social media have different platforms and ways to offer users to express themselves, one unique platform seems to be the ideal and favourite for every professional, startup businesses, and corporations in the world. It is considered so not because it manages to attract more audience and general public but because LinkedIn is considered to be the right place for all working professionals to connect and collaborate. The reason why social media should never be undermined is that it connects people of all fields and it never ceases to connect the right person to the intended audience.

But recently what LinkedIn has offered is a complete game shifter and has let many professionals connect with each other in a more easy and accessible way. We often communicate with what is called Instant Messaging, where two or more than two people converse and share pictures, videos, documents, just about everything. This is where LinkedIn made a jump where professionals of all fields and industries have the opportunity to message and communicate with each other more conversationally. Think of it as if you are communicating on Facebook’s Messenger, except that you are dealing with professionals and the communication is solely based on growing and promoting your services and business.

But what is it that makes it so special, this feature that LinkedIn has introduced? Is there something which LinkedIn has done that makes it special than the rest of the media? On the contrary, there is so much this feature has to offer which can enable more closure and communication between professionals from around the world. Also, it’s not just businesses meeting businesses, B2B, but this feature has the opportunity to open all kinds of communications for clients, potential clients, and is arguably the perfect way to make an impact of your services and professionalism.

Here are a few things which can help and enhance professional communication from all perspectives.

Breaking the ice: The fact that you can instantly message anyone on LinkedIn is the perfect way to fill the communication barrier and allow yourself to establish a series of communication. Often in the professional communication, it always seems that starting or engaging a conversation could be awkward or just pointless, the latter and the former arguments are incorrect and baseless respectively. It is necessary to strike a conversation because this is just how the businesses and professionals have to interact with each other on social media. It seems not only unnecessary but is a burden to think of sending an email and waiting for the response. With the new messaging feature, you can easily start a formal or not-so-formal conversation anytime you like.

Availability: Just like the green dot represents the availability that someone is Online and can be approached. This is just what LinkedIn has introduced; it is quite obvious in Instant Messaging. Before you could break the ice and establish communication, you can easily know the corporation or the person of your interest in available. That way you’ll know that this is the correct moment to communicate and offer yourself and let them do the same. As stated before, just how important and unique the social media has become, its features are without a doubt the perfect way to let businesses communicate and sought future ties. So whenever you find someone online on LinkedIn, you better make yourself ready for attracting a new professional contact in your circle.

The Potential: The problem with emails is not that they are formal or the fact that is barely considered nowadays, but when it comes to communicating professionals on a more interactive basis, emails and formal messages are not regarded so much as productive because that is just not how the trend of communication is in the present age. What LinkedIn offers is the incredible potential for all professionals and businesses to interact, collaborate and establish new ties and innovations. Over 500 million users from around the world, there is no stopping any business or professional to utilize their potential in gaining ground in their respective field. So no matter how basic or count yourself as a beginner in your field, LinkedIn offers a variety of businesses, professional personalities, and all kinds of opportunities to explore and offer.

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