wesley-baker-healthcareAs the chief executive of an innovative medical device manufacturing company, Wesley has demonstrated his drive for and his command of technology. He recognized the potential of the cutting edge “NBT” technology developed by his colleagues at Ancon Technology, leading the way to launch Ancon Medical, a company that would incorporate the technology into a medical device.

The Ancon Medical NBT device offers a ground-breaking solution for disease screening, as the non-invasive process can check patients for a variety of diseases simply by scanning their breath. The device could have a profound impact on the discovery and treatment of a broad range of diseases, from lung cancer to Ebola to tuberculous to COPD.

Wesley not only guided the development and marketing at Ancon Medical but also led the company to expand in the U.S., where it set up a headquarters in Minnesota and joined the Medical Alley Association. In working with this trade association, he built connections with health care and medical device company executives while expanding his knowledge of the medical industry.

Currently Wesley is raising investment for Ancon Medical so that it can achieve it’s potential. He is very passionate about this technology.