General Business

Harnessing Technology

From software to the internet to high-tech devices, Wesley’s career has been marked by the integration of the latest in technological development. No matter which industry, Wesley has specialized in utilizing technology to advance the organization, including demonstrating how to develop the technology into a product that can be brought to market.

There’s perhaps no better example of this than the launch of Ancon Medical Inc. From his role and the Commercial and Technology Director of Ancon Technologies Ltd, he saw an application for the unique research being conducted there and developed the business model to bring a device forward to market. He also has taken on scientific license agreements for Ancon Technologies to manufacture environmental monitoring, aerosol and nanotechnology devices for research, clean rooms, military and occupational health applications

Raising Capital

Wesley has developed experience finding the funding organizations need to grow and thrive. Showing he’s able to increase investment by bringing in $ millions through bank loans, venture capitalists and business angels over his career. Entrepreneurs often turn to Wesley for advice on creating investment opportunities and raising capital for business projects.

He was instrumental in putting together a deal with NASA and other companies for a $250 million investment in a rocket launch vehicle and space plane. Although other companies ultimately abandoned the project in the arrangement, the deal showed Wesley’s ability to guide complicated financial structures in a capital intensive industry.