How Etsy Has Helped Small Business Owners

Posted On: October 8, 2017
How Etsy Has Helped Small Business Owners
How Etsy Has Helped Small Business Owners

Was it possible for small businesses to emerge and be known just in their locality but all around the world? Another question along with it also comes which compels us to ask whether any small businesses ever stood a chance to compete with each other and stand out to be a giant corporation among a handful Megacorporations in the world? Well, it was not possible just a few years ago. The communication barrier was still there, and it was impossible for small businesses to grow out of their competition in the first place, let alone win anything. But that time lies behind the business sector. At this age, a small business of any kind is filled with potential and abilities to stand out and be known amongst the bestselling businesses in the world.

Etsy, founded in 2005, is an e-commerce website which enables all the creative people from around the world to show off their talent and make a name for themselves. One gets to find both opportunities to find unique and beautiful products made with sheer delicacy as well as make those very products and present them to the entire world. Offering a peer-to-peer business gathering, the website has managed to score a lot of attention in the past few years. Gone are the days when business was limited to the local area. With a huge exposure and audience, it is possible for people to be avail whatever one may wish and be provided with their choice in a matter of days even hours.

But there comes a question, and especially to those who may not be familiar with Etsy or why is Etsy being brought up here? Is there anything special about it which makes it special and unique for buyers and sellers? To be frank, yes, there are so many things which have led Etsy to help small business owners. A few things would suffice the objective:

Etsy encourages small businesses. Let’s be a little realistic about handmade items and accessories: people are not into them, and often this kind of items are not regarded with much attention which is very silly and wrong on the people’s behalf. But those who know its actual worth will prefer handmade products and customized items wherever they may be able to find, and that is where Etsy comes. It comes offering a platform for people to divert their business to the online audience and join their business to the internet where pretty much everyone is found. That way any business offering anything from a handmade greeting card to customized bookshelves or even bakery products can be sold and bought. Etsy motivated the small business owner to establish their presence and let the world know what they can provide.

Etsy can help you get rid of the problems and difficulties which come during the establishment of websites and web pages. A small-scale business may not be looking forward to investing so much in PR and other things to publicize themselves but then with the growing and fierce competition one will have their presence diluted if they fail to catch up Etsy understands the limitations of the small-scale business owners and help them provide a platform where their ideas can be represented in an amazing way. People won’t have to worry about establishing themselves and investing thousands in PR and advertisement when the whole platform of Etsy is providing the very same thing. This is to fully ensure that the business owner is fully kept with their attention to their products and hard work and not have to worry about their other issues and matters of business.

You find people just like yourself! It’s pretty much like a community, an online community if you will. All this not only encourages you to set up your own business but it also provides the ground where you can seed your business without having to worry about mega-budget or huge investments. It is perhaps the greatest achievement of Etsy that it helped people realize that even without huge finances and budget, one can manage to bring out the best of their skills and ideas, irrespective of how crazy or creative they may be. With that those who carry the creative potential also follow the pattern and let themselves bloom as well ensuring that they too are understood and known in the small business community which the Etsy has developed. Etsy is not only a platform for small businesses to operate but is also a place where people can sell, buy, as well as communicate and make the best out of their creative skills.


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