Why Direct Marketing (Junk Mail) Is Good for Many Entrepreneurs

Posted On: April 12, 2017
Direct Mail Is A Good Thing!
Direct Mail Is A Good Thing!

There is a whole generation of entrepreneurs and young business executives that believe direct mail or, as some may call it, junk mail, is a dead art. Nowadays you have emails, and tweets and Facebook ads, who needs paper in their mailbox? Who has time to read brochures, sales letters or even postcards?

I say, we all do! Hear me out. I think that direct marketing is still going strong and will not go anywhere anytime soon. You may be wondering why? Am I against the modern ways of marketing? Not at all! I am purely identifying old marketing methods and saying take a good look at them compared to new marketing methods, and I actively promote them.

Direct mail gets read

You know how with your email addresses you have that option to Select All and Delete All? Moreover, you probably use it daily because really, who has the time to read hundreds of emails from unknown senders? Maybe at first you postpone reading some marketing emails, but eventually, at the end of the day, you delete them too because you simply don’t have the time to read and there’s that great option to…delete them in an instant?

Well, this does not happen with direct mail. You get your brochures and other types of mail in your mailbox, and you have to sort them. Everybody does that. No one just takes the entire pile of mail they have recently received and throw it into the garbage! What if something important might be in there? So, you are curious, and you make sure you read every single mail. That is how prospects get to your beautiful and attractive brochure or maybe that inspiring postcard you have sent it and read it. Whether they decide to visit your website or not, or buy your products or not, is indeed not a sure thing, but still, you have more chances to convince customers by using direct mail than via emails. Because they enjoy the sorting out process from a physical mailbox.

However, don’t trust me, trust the studies. Epsilon concluded that 77 percent of consumers check their physical mail and sort it out as soon as they receive it. Also, the U.S. Postal Service’s studies show that 98 percent check their mail every day. This means that direct mail gets read by almost everybody.

Direct mail reaches your target audience

Why Direct Marketing (Junk Mail) Is Good for Many Entrepreneurs
Why Direct Marketing (Junk Mail) Is Good for Many Entrepreneurs

When it comes to direct mail, you control everything – who receives your mail, when it is delivered, what type of message sends and how is written, how many people receive your letter. You control your target audience, and this is the best kind of control when it comes to marketing. You know exactly what font to use and which colors are best for your message to be read and captivate the audience, you know the exact date when it is best for your prospects to find out about promotions, sales, discounts, and offers. You are omnipotent with direct mail.

Opting for direct mail, your product or service will get right in the home of your target audience. It will sit on their table and ask to be read. This is your chance to make an impression on your audience. You cannot get closer than this to them. Write your message according to their preferences and needs, use all the right words and dots, and convince them to choose your product or service over all the other similar goods or services. After all, you are a lot closer to potential customers than the rest of them are. You are in their house and their hands. Talk to them!

One other great thing about direct mail is that when prospects read your material, they do not get distracted. You cannot do anything else when you read. You cannot write tweets, chat on Facebook or do anything else in the background like you can when you read your emails. Nothing will just pop out when reading a brochure! Your eyes are focused there so that you will remember the product or service.

Direct mail gains trust

Moreover, trust is the Holy Grail for entrepreneurs. The ultimate goal of all marketing strategies is to get people to trust your product, service, or company. All your marketing efforts should be channelled into this direction.

When you send people or companies direct mail, you do not break into their homes or businesses like emails do. Alternatively, at least that is the feeling that many individuals get whenever their email inbox is bombarded with unwanted marketing emails. People do not trust electronic communication anymore, and you cannot blame them. With all the hacking and phishing scams, and all the viruses out there, and I am not talking about the flu, people are scared to open emails from unknown senders. The chances to open attachments or click on links are slim.

If your marketing email gets in the spam folder, you cannot be sure no one will read it. Spam emails are seen as the messengers of evil. No one touches the spam folder, except to delete it all. If the filters of your email say it is not worth it, you always believe them. As you can see, email marketing sometimes hits this dead end from where there’s no turning back. There’s not much you can do with only a headline.

However, this does not happen with direct mail. With direct mail, the filter that says what is wanted mail and what is spam is the actual potential customer. Moreover, you have more chances to make it through with this filter. You can attach as many documents you want with Direct mail, no one will see them as suspicious. After all, paper can’t bring viruses that infect your home. Feel free to make your letter as “loud” and attractive as you want. Add ribbons and bells, if you like. No one will fear direct mail! On the contrary! They will enjoy unwrapping the package and finding the presents in there.

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