Build A Team Around You Full of Ambition and Desire

Posted On: December 1, 2017
Build A Team Around You Full of Ambition and Desire
Build A Team Around You Full of Ambition and Desire

One of the most important things about working in any official environment is how people communicate and form a bond among themselves. The formation of such bonding and interaction is not just helping the employees and the employers, to get along well and know each other well, but also helps collaborate for more significant tasks and objectives which can be helpful in the future. In simple and plain words, the fact that socializing is as much important as keeping the stability of the company and the setup altogether.

Team efforts count a lot when it comes to establishing a bond. The bond not only manages to prepare the company aim for higher objectives and ambitions but also helps them know their position and what they can do and the potential they have to execute anything. A lot has been said about how individual efforts go hand in hand and develop things in the progressive direction. The fact that every individual is successful in executing their given task is only because they are being supported by all the favourite people in their team. The fact that every team that succeeds, in the long run, is only because of the credible and sharp individuals present: the team and the individual effort depends on each other when it comes to success; the individual is weak without the team, and the team is not fragile without the presence of the influential individuals.

When it comes to formulating teams, it needs to be seen what kind of individuals are present. A team of straightforward words is a group of people who are supposed to fulfil a task. That task, that work, it needs to be done with the full effect that can be availed. But the questions arise pointing to the efficiency and the process leading to it. What kind of people are required to make sure that the intended objective is done successfully? What should be done to ensure that everything is undertaken by responsible people? Most importantly, should the people who are given the task are even trustworthy? The answer to all these questions and questions similar to these can be stated as follows:

The first thing that needs to be taken into consideration is that trust is the very basis of any relationship, be it professional or personal, the trust occupies the gaps and the ideas that whatever happens, it will be countered with mutual and collective force; that no one should adhere the load to themselves alone. Be it a burden or a victory; it will be mutual because it is done with collective efforts. Trust is the preliminary bond that needs to come first before anything. Once the trust is built, the people who are taken into consideration from the results of the trust should ensure that the people will be committed and promise to the cause. But it does raise questions what kind of people are these individuals? Do they hold degrees and diplomas from internationally reputed universities and colleges? Do they have a certain amount of years of experience on their resume? These individuals are fully able, and their proof of worthiness lies in their work and commitment to the cause. Holding degrees, diplomas, certificates, high resumes are achievements and dedication needs practical evidence, and it comes with possible actions and decisions.

Whatever the people you have on your team, they need to be ambitious with what you have in mind. You can rely on people with huge degrees and years of experience, but that is not guaranteed to bring you the long-term ambition you might have in mind. The lack of commitment does not necessarily come from lack of salary or lousy environment but varies from person to person, depending on their environment and conditions. Hiring professionals with years of experience cannot always guarantee the mutual trust and respect which is the prerequisite for any perfect team; it comes from dedication and the admiration for the business and the work.

If you are looking forward to hiring someone or calculating your resources to form a team, you don’t have to be specific about qualifications and experience; you need the committed person to join. That person when working in huge number can help bring the foundation of the business to concrete strength and will help reach the intended goals. All it needs is the right number of people in the team to formulate a group, a symbol of power to tackle and encounter everything that is held against their path so they could achieve greatness and fulfil their task.

However, it is important to realise that negative individuals within a team act as a cancer within a business, they simply need to be surgically removed otherwise the business will not flow forward constructively. I always remember a saying from the very first week of my career in my first real job – behaviour breeds behaviour so if you have a negative team member you must remove them fast.

Finally and most importantly, employees will 99% of the time take the easy road when it comes to working. Make sure they take responsibility themselves for areas and they don’t just sit back and let you make decisions, you have employed each team member because you believe in them. Make them achieve what you are paying for, the skills they bring to the table. This is very important.

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