Blackberry Priv Phone is Superb

Posted On: March 11, 2018
Blackberry Priv

I have been a fan of Blackberry phones since I had my first one in the early 2000’s. I restrained myself for switching to inferior security phones such as I-Phone just because of applications and although I was frustrated at times that Blackberry was so slow in bringing out high-quality applications and touch screen I have to say the evolution of Blackberry has been very interesting.

Now, of course, Blackberry is a strong software security company and have successfully now managed to transform hardware operating system on phones to the Android system. Personally, I miss the Blackberry 10 operating system, it was and still is far superior to Android and I-Phone operating systems but times have moved on and the reality is that Blackberry has made a very good backend helping protect through the Android holes within its coding.

I purchased the Blackberry Priv when it was launched in 2015 and have found this phone to be a fantastic device, and without a doubt is my favourite Blackberry of all time. I have two active Priv’s on the go now and even purchased one for my son not so long ago, despite it being some years since the launch. It is a slick phone, slides up nicely and the keyboard and camera etc… are all fitting for a lot of use.

Blackberry Priv

I travel a great deal and it is always impressive when I take it out from my belt holster and flip the screen up and type away so rapidly and rarely do I not get a glance of jealousy from another business executive or as is more common now the comment “wow that looks a smartphone what is it a Samsung?” – no, I reply it is an older Blackberry Priv running Android. The reality is when I explain why I use a Blackberry and the security I have on the phone they are without doubt shocked and wishing they had the same phone. What’s more, the nice holster that I use is Blackberry’s and it looks and feels solid from start to finish.

So why have I not moved on to the KeyOne by Blackberry? In short I have considered it, new tech, good machine, lovely to handle but the holster is not available by Blackberry, in fact, finding a good holster for it is a problem and to be straight to the point also I love the current Blackberry Priv and I don’t need a new version of a phone. I love this phone and I have to stand up changers on my desk in the UK and US and at home too. It is without a doubt, in my opinion, the best Blackberry phone they have ever produced.

If you are looking for a good Android phone that is great for business and perfect for emails and more with all those apps then you will enjoy a Blackberry Priv and they have come down a great deal in price if you check Amazon.

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