Autumnal Pitfalls of Rush Marketing

Posted On: October 29, 2017
Autumnal Pitfalls of Rush Marketing
Autumnal Pitfalls of Rush Marketing

As we enter the deepness of the autumnal fall be aware of the pitfalls of running your marketing for your business and do not get pulled into the festive rush, plan all your marketing activities carefully and precisely and remember the very simple rule, what you do today will not start to see real results for six weeks or less it is a short quick sale meant to stimulate instant reaction. Always plan the future marketing activities clearly and precisely and not in a rush and uncalculated way.

It is extremely common for small business owners to get pulled along within what I refer to as the festive season rush. You feel the need to stimulate your business and often have not really thought out your campaign and yet your desire to capture the trade that is spending becomes crucial in your thought pattern.


To be truly successful stop looking at competitors, stop reacting to change daily market but start to be proactive in your business model and approach. Where you can, delegate tasks to other employees and trust in them to fulfil those tasks correctly and in the best possible manner. You do have to keep an eye on this as very often an employee will drop the ball for you but don’t do the work make sure they do what you say and as quickly as you request it.

Stepping back allows you to look over the whole conceptual thoughts of where you are taking the company forward and to find the best possible routes to achieve it. Without any doubt, it is very clear that a business must always have positive employees within it, and not negative individuals who can undermine your marketing concepts and plans.

The festive season comes and goes every year, and that is the crucial point, if you have not got a plan for the festive season create it, but if it is too late for the year just implement some of that marketing plan but have it fully ready for next year so that you can roll it out earlier. I always say that you should be looking at the horizon not at your feet when planning your business marketing activities and this is incredibly important.

Do not fall into the dreaded error of spending lots of last-minute money on marketing for the festive spend, spend your money wisely and plan a long game, not a five-minute blast.

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