5 Start-up Companies that are Looking Good in 2017

Posted On: November 16, 2017
Business partners keeping thumbs up
Business partners keeping thumbs up

Every year we see the rise of innovation which completely changes the picture of the technological advancements which we had previously known of. Despite what turns and what does not, we are fully confident that whatever it is that will be brought in the coming times, the ideas and the innovations will be for the massive benefit of the people not just limited to society but for the whole world to feel its impacts and influence.

It is with the startup companies we have to stop looking back 10-5 years ago to measure the number of innovations and changes that have been brought into this world and have to look back a year or so to find out what is it that we really ought to change and do something about. Below listed are the 5 startup companies which promise that the coming future will not just be comfortable and beneficial for people who are in dire need of care and attention but also entertaining fun, a source of joy for every single person in and outside of our society, irrespective of who we are referring to in our minds.

Misty Robotics:

We have all seen robots in television, movies, but that was quite a long time ago. We are witnessing the development of robots, in not just higher academic levels, but in schools and amateur levels. We may be perhaps undermining the robotic field, but it is not quite as ready as we have been expecting – this is where Misty Robotics have something else to offer.

Misty Robotics intends to develop the adequate and the unique form of robots who are not just there to assist and be toys but are fully functional and helpful in the daily routine of offices and homes. Think of it as Rosie, the robot maid from The Jetsons.

Website: www.mistyrobotics.com


This is big news for manufacturers and those who know that keeping and ensuring the quality of every product used in the chain of manufacturing is not just a huge responsibility but requires keen attention. If one single fault is to occur, it could very well infest the whole chain of the products, costing companies millions and billions.

Instrumental is there to avoid such things from happening. It is there to ensure that before any fault could occur in the manufacturing process, it is tackled and handled with profound precision and accuracy before it is sent for the public usage. It is beneficial not just for the manufacturers but also the users in the long run so that they avoid any hassles and complains about the quality of the purchased product.

Website: www.instrumental.com

Virta Health:

Diabetes is not something that should be considered lightly and casually. Regardless of what has been done, a considerable amount of population is going through diabetes one way or another. Patients with Diabetes Type 2 often need intense care and have to careful with everything they have to do.

To avoid any physical treatment such as surgery or rely on medications, Virta with its technological advancements and algorithms. Virta Health equips the expertise of medical professionals who will help the patients to recover from diabetes individually. This is to ensure that diabetes no longer remains a hectic manageable process but is reduced significantly.

Website: www.virtahealth.com

Nomadic VR:

We all know how fascinating the idea of Virtual Reality has been. We have all seen the exciting graphics and one way or another we have wanted to experience it ourselves. With the innovations of graphics and technology, it comes as no surprise that we are all looking forward to a time when the gaming will seem like as if we are in that real scenario and this is just where Nomadic VR comes into play.

Nomadic VR finds the entertainment of the future heavily based on Virtual Reality. Their intentions and idea intend to provide users games and scenarios with PC bag packs and VR headsets, making them see witness their version of life intermingled with the digital world

Website: www.blurtheline.com


What would happen if every single household item you use is missing or what if you are out of it? You will want to think about getting a new utensil or edible because you need it and it is just not there. So, instead of looking up to big names, corporations, and fancy names, Brandless (that is the name of the company) has got something else to offer.

Whatever it may be used in your kitchens, Brandless, is offering everything for $3. It seems amusing, but instead of the charm of the big brands and companies and their marketing tactics and what not, they are only offering their products for a very unbelievable price.

Website: www.brandless.com

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