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April 5, 2018

The Commonwealth

Right from an early age during high school as I sat in the classroom learning business in commerce studies, I remember thinking of what an opportunity presents itself within the

March 30, 2018

Tony Blair – Cometh the hour, cometh the man

Like him or loathe him former Prime Minister Tony Blair still carries clout and is a breath of fresh and sensible air at that when he does get time to

Why all SME’s should all now use video marketing

SME’s need all the advertising they can get and this should preferably be free. This is possible in our age because social networks and the mighty internet allow even the

How to Create Good Local SEO through Google

The most obvious tip is to combine any relevant keyword with the name of the town or city where your local business is located. Tags on landing pages, images and

March 11, 2018

Blackberry Priv Phone is Superb

I have been a fan of Blackberry phones since I had my first one in the early 2000’s. I restrained myself for switching to inferior security phones such as I-Phone

March 11, 2018

How Adventure Tourism is Exploding Across the World

Adventure travel could be considered a niche form of tourism, that includes some form of real or perceived risk. It has grown in recent decades as tourists seek the road

March 11, 2018

Why Is Video Marketing Crucial For Travel and Tourism Companies

The video-revolution is on and, if you are the proud owner of a travel and tourism company, you need to become a part of it. Why? For one, 63% of

January 22, 2018

SEO Tips for 2018

Working to stay on top in SEO rankings can feel like playing a game whose rules are constantly changing. And that can be awfully frustrating. Many things affect SEO. There

Why Pinterest Is the Way to Grow Your Small Business

Although Pinterest has over 100 million active users is often overlooked by companies in favor of other popular social networks, like Facebook and Twitter. However, this could work to the

January 16, 2018

Growth of Small Space Tech Companies

Space has become a fast-growing business and as some of you may know I myself was involved in the industry in the early 2000’s. So I thought I would run

December 3, 2017

AIM to shut down after 20 years

Do you remember AIM, also known as AOL Instant Messenger? Well for those of you that do remember this iconic messenger software, the sad news is that on the 15th

How actions you take have the power to impact the world and the business

The world we live in at the moment is interconnected on many levels. There is no possibility of the fact that everything in the business field can be separated in

Build A Team Around You Full of Ambition and Desire

One of the most important things about working in any official environment is how people communicate and form a bond among themselves. The formation of such bonding and interaction is

December 1, 2017

Development of Non-Invasive Breath Screening and Detection Device

History has shown that breathing can say a lot of about a person’s health and the way his or her health is at the time. So it is no surprise

November 26, 2017

How Vacation Time Is Important To Running a Business

Business activities are something that no business owner can afford to consider carelessly. The business, the work, the whole setup requires keeping attention. It needs care and focuses every passing

November 26, 2017

The Growth of Specialist Package Travel Company

Traveling is a joy, and anyone with a wandering spirit and attitude knows all about that emotion. The traveler may have many stops on the way, but clearly, their dreams

Use a Social Media Company to Promote Your Business

We often to tend to think that acquiring just the presence on social media platform is enough to promote our business. Our thoughts and foresight for the times to come

November 18, 2017

LinkedIn is making a Seismic Shift

Social media has got its impact around the world, and there is no denying that it is here to stay for a long time. What can be said about future

5 Start-up Companies that are Looking Good in 2017

Every year we see the rise of innovation which completely changes the picture of the technological advancements which we had previously known of. Despite what turns and what does not,

November 7, 2017

We live in troubling times

We live in troubling times for sure… growing up in the 1970’s and 1980’s I was very conscious of the possibility of nuclear conflict and even as a teenager I

No Christmas Festive Lights for a Community

It increasingly baffles me when the humbug comes out in a community and when it starts from the top of the tree all the way down to the very roots.

Autumnal Pitfalls of Rush Marketing

As we enter the deepness of the autumnal fall be aware of the pitfalls of running your marketing for your business and do not get pulled into the festive rush,

October 28, 2017

Christmas Time in London

I know that we’re getting ready for Halloween, but a sudden melancholy took over and sent me back in London during Christmas time. Blame it on the colder days, crisp

October 18, 2017

NHS patient access to Medical Tech is worse in Southern England

A recent report by the Medical Technology Group reveals startling regional variations in waiting times for access to the latest medical technology. Patients in the South of England are waiting

October 18, 2017

Screening and Detection of Disease by Breath

Diagnosis and tracing down the cause and the very fact of what the disease is can be quite time-consuming. Even in today’s modern world where medicines and medical technology is

October 18, 2017

Blackberry Motion For Business and Travel

There is no doubt that only a true and a perfect phone is the sign that one is truly serious and competent about their business. No matter what the nature

How Etsy Has Helped Small Business Owners

Was it possible for small businesses to emerge and be known just in their locality but all around the world? Another question along with it also comes which compels us

October 4, 2017

Occupational Health in Manufacturing

Occupational health is no strange or unfamiliar term of today’s age. It focuses on the betterment of the environment of the workplace or any industry or corporation. Back in the

Using Pinterest to Grow Your Business

With the advent of so many online platforms, developing your business and brand has become a comfort but also a ravishingly competitive arena. No wonder from every corporate giant to

Rules of Modern Public Relations

With changing times come many things that need revision as well as consideration. There has yet to come many technological advancements and with them will follow the trend of communication.

Five Ways Entrepreneurs Can Learn to Fund Their Business

Having your own business is a dream come true for many while for some it is their means of survival in this world full of competition and be amongst the

Launching a Business While Working a Full-Time Job

Over the years I have helped many friends and in some cases, strangers launch a business while still fully employed. People will always tell you to stick to just one

The Careful Entrepreneur

All businesses have limited resources. Start-ups have even more limited resources than established businesses. The survival of a business beyond its start-up phase depends heavily on the wise allocation of

Hiring the Correct Manager

Ideally, the founder of a business should be on the ground running it. But busy or absentee entrepreneurs may only get a few hours a week to spend at their

Why SME Businesses should use Global Freelancers

Today’s technology has made telecommuting possible. Companies like Amazon hire employees who work from the comfort of their own homes. Technology has also made it possible for an employer to

September 12, 2017

The explosive growth of Africa’s Tech Companies

The growth of Africa’s tech industry has been phenomenal. More than 150 startups have been incubated at iHub; a business incubator for tech companies located in the heart of Nairobi.

September 11, 2017

African Entrepreneurs that are shaping a continents future

In recent years, there has been a second scramble for Africa as multi nationals compete for emerging markets in Africa. That is not the whole story though. There are many

September 11, 2017

How India is changing to improve pollution with businesses

India is a technological and manufacturing giant globally. It also suffers heavily from pollution. Four of the cities most devastated by pollution in the world are in India. Manufacturers are

The Importance of Good Adwords Marketing

AdWords is Google’s advertising service also known as Search Engine Marketing. Advertisers bid for certain key words so that they appear first in the search results when prospects search for

The Benefits of Promoting Your Business on Pinterest

Pinterest may be one of the newer social networking sites, but it certainly carries more than its own weight. It is one of the best places to get value for

Making YouTube Work for Your Business

For the first time in history, people all over the world enjoy access to the affordable high-speed internet. This has created immense demand for online videos. It is not enough

How To Be Creative With Your Blogging

Literally, every second of the day new blogs are opened. Some people blog to support their business. Other people blog to indulge their hobbies. Sometimes blogging is a great way

5 Point Guide to Small Business Marketing on Pinterest

Pinterest allows you to leverage the power of images to reach your target audience. It is a much more visual medium than its counterpart Facebook. Some people think that Pinterest

September 1, 2017

Turn Your Ideas into Reality and Become a Successful Entrepreneur

Every successful business that we know of was once an idea. Most ideas on the other hand, never become a reality. There are two main reasons why good ideas don’t result in anything more than a dream.

May 20, 2017

Do Employees Love Working for Small Companies More Than Big Ones

From my point of view, this question will never actually find a clear answer. Because the answer depends mostly on the employee’s character, ambitions, and temperament. And statistics really can’t

Kelsey Plum is without doubt an inspiring individual

Kelsey Plum is, without a doubt, an inspiring individual, I see much of my basketball career too in how she plays and her attitude. Many of the aspects of this

April 12, 2017

Why Direct Marketing (Junk Mail) Is Good for Many Entrepreneurs

There is a whole generation of entrepreneurs and young business executives that believe direct mail or, as some may call it, junk mail, is a dead art. Nowadays you have

April 11, 2017

United Airlines Poor Customer Experience

Sometimes a company or an employee makes a mistake, and that can mean the end of the business in the long run or such horrendous damage to a brand. The

April 1, 2017

Alligators are found living in Seasalter Marshes

The Environment Agency today have found out what was killing all the local wildlife and fish in the sealsalter marshes. This follows a spray of lambs going missing through the

March 31, 2017

We all have different ways of doing business

  We all have different ways of doing business, and often we look for inspirational characters to inspire our style or approach. I know personally over the years I have